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Denise assisting a small group at the Logic of English Teacher Training
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Pivoting the Ship of Reading Education Towards the Science of Reading

Why do educators blend methods such as three-cueing and heart words with phonics? Denise Eide, author of How Your Brain Learns to Read and Uncovering the Logic of English, will demonstrate a more complete set of phonics rules combined with morphology that explains high-frequency words, eliminates exceptions, and helps us to leave three-cueing and heart words in the past. This session will help you teach decoding, answer your students' questions about words, and even improve your spelling. It will also reveal how redefining phonics can help us pivot classrooms to the science of reading. Denise will translate Science of reading studies and new research on the frequency of phonics rules in high frequency words and the language into practical information and ideas for classroom practice.

How Your Brain Learns to Read

Together, we will translate the Science of Reading into practical ideas that you can implement in your classroom the next day. By exploring the relationships between the neuroscience of reading, the Simple View of Reading, and orthographic mapping, we will gain further insights into how to teach the five essential skills of reading. In addition to demonstrations of phonemic awareness games, systematic phonics games, methods for teaching spelling analysis, and practical tips, participants will explore analogies that help to communicate the importance of evidence-based practices to their administrators and colleagues. This rich presentation will help you bridge the gap between the Science of Reading and practice. 

Phonemic Awareness: The Foundational Skill of Reading

Strong phonemic awareness skills are highly correlated with skilled reading. With so many competing priorities for instructional time, research provides guidance on how to focus phonemic awareness instruction to provide students the most benefit. Join Denise Eide, curriculum developer and author of Uncovering the Logic of English, to explore how to build phonemic awareness skills step by step. You will leave with a clear understanding of how to teach each of the skills and ideas for activities and games that you can bring back to your classroom immediately .  

Getting Fired Up About Vocabulary with Morphology!

Vocabulary is an important key to reading comprehension. Since English spelling is a balance between sound and meaning, morphology can be leveraged to quickly expand your students’ vocabularies, provide students clues to the meaning of unknown words, and facilitate orthographic mapping. Join Denise Eide, author of Uncovering the Logic of English, to experience how knowledge of morphemes transforms vocabulary instruction from rote memorization into a powerful tool of discovery! In this session you will learn how to introduce new vocabulary across the curriculum, how phonics and morphology are intertwined and how to add a suffix to any word! 

It’s Not Just about Pen and Paper: Handwriting is about Learning to Read

Did you know? Learning how to write letters teaches the brain how to read letters! Understanding how the brain learns to read explains why emerging readers often reverse letters and words and reveals why handwriting instruction is a vital part of learning to read. In this session, Denise Eide, author of Rhythm of Handwriting and Uncovering the Logic of English, will share research on the interaction of handwriting and reading. You will learn how to integrate handwriting and phonics, how to improve your students’ cursive or manuscript handwriting, and tips for teaching handwriting to students of all ages! 

Sounding Out the Sight Words 

Do you struggle with how to teach students to decode and spell high-frequency words such as is, was, the, and put? What if these words are not exceptions but instead follow rules we have never been taught? Join Denise Eide, author of Uncovering the Logic of English and Sounding Out the Sight Words, to discover phonics rules that explain 98% of English words! In this presentation, you will learn new research that shows how often these rules appear in high-frequency words and in other words, and you will learn how to use Sounding Out the Sight Words as a resource in your classroom. 

Denise speaks and trains nationally on Phonemic Awareness, Systematic Phonics, the Science of Reading, Handwriting, Teaching High-Frequency Words, Spelling Analysis and more. Please contact Denise for other topics you would like to have presented.

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