Homeschool Workshops

Denise Eide is an engaging homeschool conference speaker who provides practical tools for literacy and homeschooling while connecting with parents.

The Logic of English:

A Way to See Words that Changes Everything!

Your understanding of English will be transformed! Award-winning author Denise Eide will reveal tools that explain 98% of English words. No longer will you need to tell your children “that is an exception” when they misread or misspell a word. You will learn:

The rule that explains the two sounds for C in accent Three of the nine reasons for a Silent Final E. Why we drop the Silent Final E in servicing but not in serviceable Why many math- and science-minded kids struggle with reading and spelling – and why this reflects their gifts, not their shortcomings. You will leave wondering why someone didn’t tell you this in kindergarten!

Nerf Guns and Shaving Cream:

Teaching Reading and Spelling to Kids Who Can’t Sit Still

Engage your active learners through movement, and let the fun begin! In this workshop Denise Eide will reveal the natural kinesthetic components to reading and spelling and teach parents how to tap into them to enhance learning for all students. As she shares stories of parenting her active crew, you will discover the God-given gifts of kinesthetic learners and how to work with them rather than against them. Though this workshop will focus on reading and spelling, the concepts are easily applied to other subjects.

Getting Kids Fired Up About Words:

Discover Morphology

Rather than memorizing vocabulary lists by rote, discover how words are formed and use these logical tools to build a large vocabulary quickly. Together we will discover how morphology revolutionizes spelling and increases reading comprehension, and why it should be a foundational component of all curriculum. Discover new vocabulary games , ways to introduce new vocabulary in history, math, and science, and manageable tools to integrate morphology into your homeschool!

Soaring not Struggling

Preventing and Teaching Struggling Readers and Spellers

Reading and spelling are complex skills that involve the mind, muscle memory, learning styles, and the heart. Join award-winning author Denise Eide as she opens your understanding of why many students struggle. Practical information will be interwoven with stories from her own experiences. She will also share research that demonstrates the power of systematic, multi-sensory teaching for all students.

In this workshop you will learn:

Why oversimplifications, such as teaching S says /s/, discourage math- and science- minded students.* How to correct reversals. Ways to teach to the strengths of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners while strengthening their weaknesses. This workshop will lay the foundations for teaching reading and spelling, aid parents in selecting curriculum, and help home educators heal and guard their children’s hearts from discouragement.

*Did you know? S says /z/ 70% of the time, including simple words like “is.”

Teaching Handwriting with Success

Developing fluid, legible handwriting is foundational to education, yet this basic skill is often neglected in today’s world of computers. In this workshop we will explore the history of handwriting education, methods for teaching handwriting so that all students succeed, handwriting games and practice ideas, best practices for teaching cursive and manuscript, and more. Participants will also learn the latest handwriting research and how it applies to teaching reading and spelling. This workshop will provide practical information that can be used as soon as parents return to teaching.

Laying the Foundations for Reading:

Practical Ideas for Birth to Age 5

Literacy is the foundation of all education. By providing young children with language learning opportunities that are engaging and age-appropriate, we can smooth their transition into reading and writing as well as develop a love for language and words. This workshop will present language learning games, ideas on teaching the phonograms to young students, and the latest literacy research on early childhood and reading.

Calming Our Anxious Hearts: Living, Schooling, and Working in Shalom

So many nights we lie awake worried, with the weight of our children firmly on our shoulders. We fear we are not doing enough. We see our mistakes and our shortcomings. We wonder if it would be better if… Join Denise Eide as she opens her heart and shares her own struggles with homeschool anxiety. Discover what God’s word has to say about parenting, our identities, and rest. Learn practical tips and discover that you are not alone.

Why I No Longer Plant a Garden, but I do Hack School my Kids and Own a Business

Homeschoolers are breaking the mold of the world’s increasingly narrow definition of education. Too often, however, we try to step into a new one, “The Perfect Homeschool Family.” Denise Eide will help to shake you a bit more free, as she shares how her family planted a garden and then left it to start a business to help struggling readers. As she shares some of her wild journey of stepping out of the comfortable, one-size-fits-all homeschool box of she will impart a bit of courage and encourage people to lean into their own gifts and free their kids to pursue their unique and diverse interests.